TREC Danube - Transnational Renewable Energy Cluster Danube

TREC Danube is a transnational network of regional clusters in the field of renewable energy, energy systems and bioeconomy.

We are linking networks, business partners and R&D organisations from Danube region and central European region.

TREC is a platform for R&D driven innovations in energy and environmental technology markets.

We aim at building up strong consortia for EU-Horizon 2020 calls basing on interlinking and focusing our profound competencies from the regions.

TREC is brief for Transnational Renewable Energy Cluster.
TREC Danube is funded by German Federal Ministry for Education and Research.

Our Goals

  • international innovation projects (in Horizon 2020)
  • Uniting and focusing expertise
  • Interregional linking of companies
  • Bringing together industry and R&D
  • Initiation of interdisciplinary cooperation
  • Development of long term partnerships
  • Knowledge and technology transfer


  • TREC-Project in Interreg IV C, renewable energy network from regions Cluj-Napoca, western Macedonia and Leipzig (2011)
  • Interactive Workshop in Clusterbuilding & Management
  • Workshops in Techniques of Technology Transfer, Communication
  • Assessment of Municipal Biomass, Biowaste and its Energetic Utilisation in 3 micro-regions in Europe (study)

Strategic Vision

We want to create international innovation projects in the field of

  • renewable energy with a focus on bioenergy (heating, cooling and power)
  • a bio-based economy (bioeconomy)
  • E-Mobility
  • Efficient utilization of agro-biomass
  • Geothermal Energy

We are offering trans-regional activities in the field of

  • EU project proposals in Horizon 2020
  • Linking partners
  • Building projects consortia
  • Interlinking research organizations
  • Interlinking companies
  • Interlinking competencies
  • Making regional structures visible
  • Internationalization of regional networks and stake holders
  • Speeding up Innovation processes