Ukrainian National Forestry University (UNFU)

Ukraine, Lviv, Lviv region

Regional Scope of the Network


Orest Kiyko

Professor, Doctor of Science

Head of the Department of Furniture Production Techniques and Wood Product Technology
of the Ukrainian National Forestry University (UNFU)

Telephone: +380 32 238 45 04
                 +380 67 989 80 88
Skype name: kiyko_orest2

Prof. Kens Igor–Roman

Telephone: +380 50 676 03 42

Prof. Yaroslav Hnatyshyn

Telephone: +380 98 929 53 65

Prof. VoytovychIvan

Telephone: +380 67 342 00 08

UNFU,103, General Chyprunku St., 79057 Lviv, Ukraine

Network Profile

The main directions of UNFU’s activity are:

  • Ecological economics, sustainable resource use
  • Forest sector development, sustainable forest management and economic protection of environment
  • Increase of forests and urban ecosystems productivity and biological resistance
  • Resource saving & environment protection technologies, machines & equipment for forestry sector
  • Theoretical basics for energy saving and environmentally sound technologies for wood-processing and modelling of the processes
  • Usage of energy crops and different types of biomass to generate heat and electric energy
  • Development and implementation advanced technologies for processing wood waste and biomass into biogas

Network Focus

  • UNFU searches for joint research on forest cluster development
  • UNFU searches for joint research on rational use of wood resources
  • UNFU searches for joint research on rational use of biomass to obtain energy
  • UNFU searches for joint research on development of the forests sector

Network Members

  • scientific-research institutes
  • State Administrations
  • State Forest Resources Agency of Ukraine
  • non-governmental organisations

Lviv Regional State Administration

In 2016 the Council of the forestry sector in the Lviv region was created under the umbrella of the Regional State Administration and it was approved its staff.
The staff of the forest sector Council under the umbrella of the Lviv Regional State Administration includes 22 members which represent: industry (main subindustries of the forest sector – associations, clusters, large enterprises), science and education, authorities, public society, media.
The Council of the forestry sector in the regional state administration is a permanent collegial advisory body established for elaborating of the strategic approaches in order to improve the resource efficiency of forest resources usage and public control over the implementation of the approach that can increase the added economic value of the unit volume harvested timber, improving the quality and quantity of jobs in the sector and ensure the development of the maximum amount of energy from solid fuels without damage to the environment.

Head of the Council – Deputy Governor of the Lviv Oblast.
Deputy Head – Representative of the Forestry Agency
Deputy Head - Prof. Orest Kiyko (UNFU)

Information on previous or on-going international cooperation

UNFU is a member of:

  • IUFRO – International Union of Forest Research Organisations (since 1994), 3.06.00 – Forest operations in mountainous conditions
  • SilvaNetwork – Academic Network of European Universities (since 1999)

UNFU cooperates with:

  • Intergovernmental framework COST – European cooperation in scientific and technical research (since 2007)
  • IFSA – International Association of Student Foresters (since 1998)
  • Council of European Foresters, Chairman – Yu.Tunytsia, 2017
  • WWF – World Wildlife Fund
  • FSC – Forest Stewardship council
  • EFI – European Forest Institute (since 1998)
  • European and American universities

UNFU is experienced in the international collaboration including the TEMPUS TACIS projects, Visby Programme, RERAM , IN2WOOD, COST, Baltic University Program, FORZA.

Unique Selling Point

  • New technologies
  • New ideas
  • New analysis


UNFU participated in a lot of international projects:

  • H2020-ISIB-2014-2, DIABOLO (Distributed, integrated and harmonised forest information for bioeconomy outlooks), 2014-2017 (full partner)
  • FP7 Capacities, RERAM (Bridging Gaps Between R2I in Resource Efficiency and Raw Materials), 2014-2016 (leader of working package)
  • FP7 Capacities, Regions-of-Knowledge, IN2WOOD (FOREST Clusters Development and Implementation Measures of a 6-Region Strategic Joint Action Plan for Knowledge-based Regional Innovation, 2010-2012 (full partner)
  • Cooperation with SIPPO, Swiss Import Promotion Program (2009-2012)
  • Cluster analysis of the forest-based sector of the Carpathian Region of Ukraine, 2006-2008, funded by  “ Inter-cooperation” - Swiss Foundation for International Development Cooperation
  • European Tempus Tacis project, foundation of the Institute of Ecological Economics 2004

UNFU coordinated and implemented research projects for clients on regional and national level:

  • Ukrainian Ministries: MENR, MEDTU, MESYSU and Ukrainian Agencies: SFRA, SASII, SAEI
  • Numerous regional administrations, clients in business, banking, insurance, communities