Lviv State Centre of Science, Innovations and Informatization

Ukraine: West regions

Regional Scope of the Network


Orest Mukha
Deputy Director

Telephone:+380 32 252 34 01
Mobile:+380 95 833 34 62

Network Profile

  • Providing and organization enviroment for science, innovation, commercial and education activity. Development of measures for standards and for quality of renewable energy according with EU criterions.
  • Promotion the results of R & D scientists in regional and international markets. Creation of regional network for bioenergy branch in Ukraine for consulting, information, education, contacts under interested parties (investors, politician, manufacturers, agriculture etc.) 
  • Determination of basic pilot projects in bioenergy in cooperartion with national and foreign parteners

Network Focus

  • Dissemination of the projects, ideas, targets /results and their implementation

Network Members

  • Lviv Regional State Administration
  • Association ”Ful and Energy Complex of Lviv»
  • National University Lviv Polytechnic
  • National Forestry University of Ukraine
  • Lviv National Agricultural University
  • Coperation Energoresurs- Invest
  • SOJUS Bioenergy Netzwerk



  • 2013: “Biogas production through anaerobic digestion of chicken manure in Ukraine”, funded by program of the German - Ukrainian scientific cooperation 
  • 2009 - 2011: Strengthening the energetic use of biomass in Central and Eastern Europe by establishing a standardised transnational consulting net for regions/ “COACH BioEnergy”, funded by the program Central Europa
  • 2009 – 2012: Bioenergy Workshops for biochemical conversion, agriculture rests, alges and biodiesel, funded by the German Ministry of Environment.