Greenline Western Balkans Foundation

Banja Luka (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Greenline Western Balkans Foundation


Darijo Lazic (MSc, MBA)
President of the Board (Chair of Economic Development and Cooperation, Bio-economy Department)
Telephone: +385 99 3314 300

Bernard Stollberg (Dipl. Chem.)
Vice president of the Board (Chair of the Cooperation with Federal Republic of Germany, Bio-energy Department)
Telephone: +4917621384195
Telephone: +491774302255

Petar Gvero (PhD Prof)
Professor at University of Banja Luka, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering – Board Member, Chair of Education and Science Department

Ivana Ostoic (MSc, MBA)
Privileged partner
IQ Group
Republic of Croatia
Telephone: +385 99 431 90 80

Network Profile

We are a team committed to providing information and counselling to, as well as raising awareness among decision-makers both in private business and in government offices to ensure the sustained use of resources through the encouragement, advancement and implementation of future-oriented climate, environment and energy policies in the Western Balkans, mainly in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Monte Negro and Serbia. Potential of all kind of waste and waste water, especially organic waste and biomass are the key point for economic development, competitiveness, new employment, regional cooperation, energy independence, sustainable development and clean environment. This applies to both in urban and rural areas, and in the Mediterranean and in Continental regions, and it is very important for sectors of the metal and engineering industry, agriculture, food industry, wood industry and tourism. Greenline Western Balkans Cluster Foundation target the most efficient and most sustainable use of the resource and pathway of energy conversion, with sensitivity to the specific local contexts of bio-resources, land and water use, markets and technology level.

Network Focus

  • Enhancement of markets and competitiveness,
  • Reinforced policy interaction and stakeholder engagement,
  • Investments in research, innovation and skills,
  • Increased levels of expertise, a better understanding of the supply chain and enables companies to learn from each other and to cooperate with each other,
  • The ability of companies to combine complementary strengths and to arrange affairs of large scale for which the individual would not be able to compete in an open competition,
  • Potential for large-scale production that can be realized through the specialized production in each of the companies, through joint procurement of raw materials with large discounts or through joint marketing,
  • Strengthening social and other informal links, leading to the creation of new ideas and new companies,
  • Improved information flow within the cluster, allow funders to recognize good entrepreneurs and business people to find good suppliers of services.

Network Members

Greenline Western Balkans Cluster Foundation (GLWBCF) currently consists of 10 very strong and experienced companies and individual founders working in the area of education and research, local and regional development, technology development, marketing of renewable, business matchmaking, market development, as well as industrial partners and local partners from the public utilities as end users for the implementation of pilot projects, commercial projects and projects for the development of new technologies. GLWBCF works with a network of more than 200 private and public customers, municipalities, big companies, small and medium enterprises, public institutions, local and regional organisations in the Western Balkans countries.

Unique Selling Point

  • The only regional network specialized in bio-economy in the Western Balkans


  • RENEXPO Western Balkans 2015, 2016, 2017 Strategic partner for the biggest international platform for energy experts, working with 80 exhibiting companies, 400 conference and roundtable participants, more than 1.000 professional visitors, institutions, investors, governments, associations, project owners and representatives, Belgrade, RENEXPO® WATER & ENERGYRENEXPO® Western Balkans 2016 [Youtube Video]
  • RENEXPO Bosnia and Herzegovina 2015, 2016, 2017 - International Trade Fair and Conferences on Renewables and Energy Efficiency in Bosnia and Herzegovina – strategic partner for biomass and biogas conferences and partner forums, RENEXPO® BiH